Green Ark Gallery Schedule

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June 15—September 2, 2018  |  A Journey In Trees  |

Linda Moskalyk

Saskatoon based artist Linda Moskalyk has traveled across the world, discovering the majestic nature of trees; the wisdom they share, the forms they take, the energy they bring, is captured in her playful treescapes. Her work is textured by found objects, dyed paper, and bits of text that encourage and draw in the viewer to see the world through her awe-inspired eyes.

Reception: June 15th, 2018, 7-9pm. Drinks and light fare provided.


April 13 — June 9, 2018  | Chasing Light  |

Kathy Bradshaw 

Saskatoon based artist Kathy Bradshaw works with an ancient oil technique, encaustic, to invigorate the depth of the skies she paints. Each scene appears to move and dance upon the canvas, Turner-like in their glow. This series, Chasing Light, is an exhilarating display of ethereal land and sky.

Reception: April 13, 2017, 7-9pm. Drinks and light fare provided.

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September—October, 2017  |  Art Of The Doodle  |                               

Jan Corcoran

Saskatoon based artist Jan Corcoran splashes colour across her canvas in with childlike, stream of consciousness abstraction. Her work is energized by the music that plays in the background of her studio, manifested into the work through thick acrylic textures and bold strokes.

Reception: September 9th, 2017, 2-5pm. Drinks and light fare provided.


Summer 2017  | "No such thing as downtime"  |                  

Noah Rossmo; Green Ark Woodworking Co.

Noah is our very own wood worker here at Green Ark, making a gorgeous array of custom pieces for commercial and residential spaces. However, there are always bits of beauty left behind after the wood has been cut, leaving room for inspiration to take place. These unique pieces are a combination of recycled scraps and favourite woods gathered from travels. 

Reception: May 20, 2017, 7-10pm. Drinks and light fare provided.

October—January 2, 2016 |  Flight  |                            

Miranda Jones

Australian born artist Miranda Jones currently resides in Saskatoon and has graced our walls with a fleet of luminous pieces. Her work captures and reflects light, as if they were in motion; each bird appears to be captured, frozen in time, yet alive and breathing beneath the paint. Her celebration of movement is evident in these lifelike portrayals.

Reception October 7th, 2016, 7-9pm. Drinks and light fare provided.

April 1—June 30 2016 | Crane and Other Culminations |

Cynthia Blanchette

December 1—January 31, 2015  | The Lightness of Doodles  |

Jan Corcoran

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