We are proud supports of handmade, local and eco-conscious products for the mindful consumer. Everything in the store is carefully selected with the value that you should surround yourself with sustainable, well-made items that last you a lifetime. We believe in supporting small businesses, female entrepreneurs and Canadian made. 

We proudly carry handmade jewelry from the best female makers.  KR Jewelry (Saskatoon), Wolf Circus (Vancouver) and Seaworthy (Portland) are our favourites. 

Vitruvi is a Vancouver based supplier of gorgeous porcelain diffusers and essential oils. 

Small Shapes Pottery is handmade in Saskatoon, SK. Each piece is unique and gorgeously designed.

Xenia Taler, porcelain pieces from Toronto, Canada. Emphasis is placed on developing products that reflect a love of quality and craftsmanship and are either produced locally or sourced globally from sustainable materials. 

We support small businesses from around Canada as much as possible. Some of our favourites are Wilderness Soap Co (Ontario), Uncle Mike's (Saskatoon), Minimoc baby shoes (BC), and SEM Label (Calgary).

Delee Chilliack, Joyweave Co, is a macrame and textile artist from Saskatoon, SK. 

California based Julie Ann Art cards, gift wrap and mugs. Cards are professionally printed locally on recycled paper and include a recycled kraft envelope.

Gravel & Gold is a San Francisco based company that makes our favourite boob printed things, i.e. pillows, shower curtains, DOPP kitts, and towels. 

Hatchet Made hand prints onto linen fabric to create a gorgeous array of home goods. Based out of Ontario.

Duo, air plants from Saskatoon, SK.

Scout & Catalog- Designed in Vancouver, BC.

Bunglo by Shay Spaniola. Hand painted textiles inspired by nature.

Kalika Bowlby Ceramics (BC) Kata series is made with a mid-range, iron rich stoneware and covered with white slip with patterns drawn through revealing the deep red clay underneath.  

Kalika Bowlby Ceramic, Series 1920 is inspired by the linens and enamelware of my Grandmother’s summer kitchen, symbolizing the long, bright, carefree days of summer.